Friday, 16 January 2009

WatiN 2.0 - CTP Release 2.0

Over recent weeks I've been considering the use of Selenium over WatiN.  This is purely & simply because it supports ALL the Major Standards Compliant Browsers out of the box.  Also, another of our Development Teams is already using Selenium!  However, both myself and my colleagues have invested a lot of time into WatiN, and Jeroen van Menen's WatiN Users Post yesterday has convinced me to stick with it.  Here's a list of what comes with WatiN's latest incarnation:

Changes in this release:

  1. - Works with FireFox 3.x and FireFox 2.x (both jssh.xpi plug-ins are included in the Mozilla directory)
  2. - Greatly improved performance and stability when running tests with FireFox

Fixes reported bugs:

  1. Problem with setting ActiveElement in FF 3.x
  2. SF issue 1954487  Setting TextField.Value for TextArea in FireFox fails
  3. SF issue 1913072  BrowserFactory.Settings.WaitForCompleteTimeOut doesn't work 


Anonymous said...

Do I need to add a reference for:


WatINtheWorld said...

You need to add a Reference to Watin.Core, as BrowserFactory is in there.