Friday, 27 August 2010

Are you doing Scrum if you're not involving the Stakeholders?

I've long wondered if you're actually following Scrum when Stakeholders aren't getting involved, or you're not consulting them regularly. What if they simply don't care? How do you convince them that they should get involved?

The most important role in the Project is the Stakeholder! They're the ones who want it, and they're the reason we're doing the Project anyway! In my experience, failure to not involve Stakeholders, i.e. the customer for the Project, leads to the delivery of Products and Features that simply don't meet the requirements of the End User. In 9 out of 10 Projects, making decisions internally without external consultation will cause you to either deliver the wrong solution, or just part of it...badness!

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Ramya said...

Looks amazing!!!! /I look forward to your feedback /thanks for this man it was very helpful.

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