Wednesday, 25 June 2008

WatIN - Web Application Testing in .NET

Over the past 6 or so Months, I've been learning/playing with WatIR, and I must say, it's really powerful. Having never written a line of code before, picking up Ruby as a language seemed really quite straight forward. However, my colleagues are ALL .NET Developers, and I'm starting to wonder whether or not using WatIR might end up curbing this already steep learning curve. I, along with my other Ruby colleague (Dave Richards), ran a Lunchtime Nuggett on WatIR some time ago, and as of yet, nobody has really adopted it as a great way to automate your tests.

Knowing this, and the requirement to test our software in other Browsers, we're starting to look @ WATIN, which seem to have similar functionality, as well as the ability to cheat with I right to dump WatIR?

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